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In the years 2014 and 2015 with the German Industry Award "Best of" Award

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"Top Company" - Certificate 06/2017:

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nanoproofed® stainless steel facades

Stainless steel facade protection against weathering and handle protective coating for metal surfaces.

Key Features:

    •    Coating of stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, brass, copper and other metals.

    •    Permanent protection against fingerprints.

    •    Additional surface smoothing.


    Profitability for the processor:

      •    Simple coating process by wiping, brushing, rolling or spraying.

      •    Acquisition of a unique characteristic.

      Easy-to-clean effect:

        •    Smoothing the surface, especially for matting.

        •    Dirt, especially finger fat can be easily entfernet.

        •    Stability of the coating compared with commercially available cleaners

        •    No stains and strips after cleaning.

        Optical effect:

          •    Fingerprints can never be completely avoided.

          •    The coating causes a slight change in color especially frosted surfaces.

          •    As a result, fingerprints are difficult to identify.

          Examples of areas of application and reference objects:

          •    Lifts and entrance barriers in public buildings,

          •    Stainless steel facades

          •    Moldings and decorative parts,

          •    Stainless steel food, etc ...


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