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nanoproofed® protection Plastic


nanoproofed® protection Kunststoff is a semi permanent system based on the nano technology for the maintenance of metal and Kunststoff surfaces. nanoproofed® protection Kunststoff has a water, oil and dirt repellent effect leading to easier cleaning of the treated substrates.

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Kunststoff exklusive Bac:

nanoproofed® protection Kunststoff exklusive Bac is an alcohol based sealing material, which forms an ultra-thin layer on plastics. The surface thus gains water and dirt repellent attributes. An easy cleaning is provided and in addition the coating has an antimicrobial effect.

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nanoproofed® protection Kunstglasversiegelung creates a water and oil repellent layer on glassand plastic surfaces. Therefore, the removal of dirt and lime residuals is easier and the surface is protected against long-term damage by incorporation of insoluble residuals. The coating exhibits a high abrasion resistance.

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