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nanoproofed® protection hydrophobicizers for mineral surfaces

Moisture is the main cause of almost all mechanisms that damage mineral building materials. The porous structure of materials that allows water to penetrate therein and dissolved pollutants. Damage can therefore be drastically reduced if you prevent the penetration of water into a building. Therefore, here information about our roofing and / or facades coating with the original "nanoproofed® protection stone-wood" technology.

Advantages of the product:

•    Massively reduced pollution

•    Surfaces stay cleaner longer and are easier to carry out any cleaning.

•    Mosses and algae is extracted from the nutritional basis (surface water)

•    Forming a water vapor open, colorless, water- and oil-repellent layer

•    The coating wears no sticky silicone resin film and is almost free of volatile organic compounds.

•    Reduced water absorption of the treated surfaces, thus less moisture in the building and thus less heat transfer through the outer surfaces with simultaneous water vapor diffusion permeability (moisture can escape from the building continued)

•    Durable transparent coating, no discoloration after a few years as in silicone paints

•    10 year warranty on the effectiveness of the coating on facades

•    Protection against mold on walls

•    Additional option: self-cleaning effect, thus cleaning the air ambient air (1000m² coated surface cleans the air as well as 70 large deciduous trees

•    By constantly trained, on-site technicians staff the work will be carried out

•    Before cleaning and coating of surfaces

•    Creation of a coating report on the activities carried out


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