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Service facade coating skyscraper

Project: 14 floors facade restoration
Location: Germany, Hamburg
Project Date: Aug 2011
Scope: Cleaning and facade coating of clinker tiles facade against green vegetation and moss formation

Before the available cleaning and coating work:

Moosansatz an der Nordfassade

before cleaning and coating, there was strong moss and green growth at the strappy facade of the main building

Nordseite mit viel Moosansatz


Metallfassadenteil mit Moosansatz Eingangsbereich mit Grünbelag


 During the work:

Beschichtungsarbeiten an der Fassade Reinigungsarbeiten an der Fassade 1
Our team of specialists at work Overall, worked with 2 mobile cranes and 4 skilled workers. It has worked on this project from a 42.5 m Steiger from the basket. Both the cleaning work as well as the coating work.

Beschichtungsarbeiten an der Fassade





Beschichtungsarbeiten an der Fassade


 3 years after work:


Hochhaus 3 Jahre nach Beschichtung

Even when "3 year quality check" has been working with a riser of a minimum has working height of 42.5 m. The quality check of Lotusefekt at the entire facade was reviewed, and the results were documented in detail together with the customer and summarized in a report.

Lotuseffekt nach 3 Jahren wie am ersten Tag

The facade is still the lotus effect, and Green Growth is little available on the facades even after 3 years. All this without the use of dangerous biocides.



Hochhaus-Fassade nach Beschichtung

Hochhaus-Fassade nach Beschichtung 1

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