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In the years 2014 and 2015 with the German Industry Award "Best of" Award

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"Top Company" - Certificate 06/2017:

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nanoproofed® glass facades

Glass facades and windows coating with the original "nanoproofed® protection glass Photokat" technology
Advantages of the product:

•    Massively reduced pollution, reduced ice formation, rapid snow runoff with skylights

•    Protection against the environment through the removal of organic contaminants

•    Maintaining the value of the expensive windows and conservatory discs

•    Self-cleaning surface by rain and sun alternating

•    No dirty marks and stains caused by water drops



    •    By constantly trained, on-site technicians staff the work will be carried out

    •    Washing, pre-cleaning and coating of surfaces

    •    Creation of a coating report on the activities carried out


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