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Excerpts from enthusiastic customers and users of our products

End users:

..... from my grandson I received information about your nanoproofed 2K paint, which can also be used for surface sealing for ships. At first, I was very skeptical and first tried the nanoproofed 2K paint in a few places on my ship, even at points in the water. I'm a "test sailed" season. When the ship was lifted out of the water in the fall, I was so excited that I immediately sealed my ship with the nanoproofed 2K paint. Now my port neighbors envy me, always clean and shiny ship, and ask me how I do that. I clean my ship only with water and a good cloth and recommend the ship owners their nanoproofed 2K paint ..... Günter Meiburg, Eutin

..... from my partner I got your - set as a gift. I'm thrilled, because in pouring rain the raindrops fly away at 80 kilometers per hour on all sides. The view after the sealing of my car windows with your nanoproofed protection KlarSicht is now outstanding even in pouring rain. The car windows can now easily be cleaned of soot, pollen, insects etc. with pure water and a good microfibre cloth ..... Ralf-Georg Janke, Kreutzfeld.

..... my car is a bit older, the paint was already faded and dull. I've applied your sealant nanoproofed paint and rims gossamer on the cleaned paint. The result is simply stunning and wonderful. My car shines and shines, just great. I also rubbed the rims with your paint and rim seal after cleaning. Now after a rain shower I have a shiny car and sparkling rims ..... Kai Lundt, Neustadt.

..... In the past, I often had to free my windowsills in the outdoor area of ​​Grünalgen, with facade cleaner. Since I sealed the window sills with your nanoproofed protection stone & wood product, I only spray the sills with the garden hose ..... Helga Klement, Groß Meinsdorf

..... many thanks for your kind and good advice on nano. I have applied your nanoproofed protection glass & ceramic set for my sanitary areas and do not need expensive bathroom cleaners anymore. My main cleaning agents are, since the surface sealing with your product, water and a good microfibre cloth ..... Eckhard Kohlhof, Oldenburg

...... new car without seal does not work. I had to realize that with scare. After buying a new car, I hardly saw anything through my unsealed disc. I really wanted to have my discs sealed again. Fortunately, I had only had good experiences with my old car and I am back on the Internet on your site and ordered the nanoproofed protection ClearSight set and even delivered it after 24 hours. That's what I call service. Quality at reasonable prices and then another express delivery. Keep it up ..... Christin Janke, Eutin

...... from the car screws. When I finished painting and assembling my Golf II, only one thing was missing, said the VW screwdrivers of our club. This horny nano seal of nanoproofed. Quickly sealed and then go to the meeting. Our VW team members were (and are) the heroes with the shine and the brilliant pearl effect on every car show ...... Sascha Schröder, Ottendorf

.... Luckily. What I still wanted to tell you, your seal really reduces ice adhesion. In winter 2004/05 I discovered it. In the morning, I was able to stay in bed a bit longer because your seal made a long scratching unnecessary. The neighbors were amazed at the effect and asked me ..... Jan Wuhlert, Scharbeutz

Business Customers:

...... As a trade representative of sanitary furniture and sanitary objects, I must confess that I am increasingly asked by my customers for the products of nanoproofed. Most have no idea and just heard from your friends that these products should be the drugs of choice. Since I have entered into a close cooperation with you since the beginning of 2004, I look forward to the future in a relaxed way. We thank you very much for the friendly and competent advice and hope for many more years of cooperation ....... Manthey, Timmendorfer beach

..... as a solution to our problem case. After you gave us the advice to seal our wash houses on our campsite, I was a bit baffled that there is such a thing. After considering which areas you could test, I came to the wet cells. The lime problems here are unbearable. After application it turned out that we can actually save as stated 80-90% cleaning power and resources. Thus, we decided to seal more areas. As you know ...... Westphal, campsite owner / in Plön

...... was also surprising for us, the uncomplicated application of your nanoproofed products. It was all there. In addition to the anti-finger-print system which is an excellent stainless steel protection, in your nanoproofed household set more than enough wipes and a detailed instructions for use and product description were available. I have already tried a lot, but this service is in my opinion recoverable, thanks to the advice ..... Michael Querfurth, craft heating and plumbing, Bosau

..... we as a wholesaler of the heating and plumbing industry offer their nanoproofed products in our three branches. The response of our customers says that there is no comparable product in terms of quality. Conventional silicone-based or wax-based coating systems degrade too quickly and can therefore be poorly marketed. The new nanoproofed products are widely accepted by our retailers and customers ..... Brockmann, Glomp GmbH, Eutin



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