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nanoproofed® protection Exclusive Line


Our Exclusive Product Line

Exclusive sealing products and ingredients are the latest innovations in research. Constant development, through continuous research and market analysis, represent the big advantage in every respect. Thus, the quality of the products in the range is constantly guaranteed and the customer benefits in the future.

nanoproofed® brings its technology in the context of cooperation in the production of high-end products. Such programs are partners in the field of special textiles. See also There are of course also in other areas of product range extensions, which is reserved at the time of major customers and industrial customers. If you are interested in other products, ask them please contact us. On the right you can select the individual product areas, which are generally available.

Solar Photokat excl.:
nanoproofed® protection Solar Photokat is a product based on the chemical nanotechnology, which develops an anti-reflex coating on solar modules. Due to a self-cleaning effect the product protects the modules in addition against soiling and increases the effectiveness of the solar modules by the combination of these two effects. By the developed super-hydrophilic film dirt is scoured by rain and washed away which results in an increase of the average light harvesting of photovoltaic modules. Additionally organic substances are decomposed by the photo catalytic effect, which results in a much easier cleaning of the coated surfaces, because organic wastes like bird droppings etc. are converted to easily cleanable substances by sunlight. In addition the scratch resistance of the surface is increased.

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