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Welcome in the world of Nanotechnology


nanoproofed® quality products

                "Made in Germany"

We support Industry, trade and handcraft and, through our sales partners, even consumers with long living nanosealings on surfaces of nearly every kind of material.

As experts in the area of nano- coatings and an internationally producer on nanotechnical sealings we are mainly focused on the following points:

We advise you in ways of application of nano- sealings, like car- treatment or protection against rain.

We advise you in product selection for your needs, for example the main focus on impregnation, lotus effect, or self cleaning.

We advise you by the integration of the nano- sealings in your manufacturing processes.

We offer you the trade with nano- sealings for your own usage.

We recruit sales partners (retailers and wholesaler) worldwide.

Our product range includes products for consumers, which are offered in our shop, as well as sealings which are, depending on the more complicate use, specially developed for the industrial usage.

These products are very resilient and they are the top of what you can do with nanotechnology today. Please contact us.

- We are looking forward to advise you.

"Made in Germany"
The Nanotechnology is not just a temporary fashion, it’s the result of Years of consequent research. It’s a quantum leap in comparison to other methods in the sealing of surfaces, with much longer effect duration than acrylic, silicon or other oleaginous products.

Up to 80%
Saving on cleaning material & working time by nano sealings

nanoproofed® products are made from components, which are connecting with the surface, and other components which repel rain, ice, snow and dirt.
  • Phase 1
Immediately after application
The particles of the nano- sealing are connected by glass- like components, which give the hardness of the coating. These particles organize themselves during the application.
  • Phase 2
Within a short period of the self-assembly process begins.
The binding components of the nano- sealing are moving to the surface, the non- stick- components organize themselves to the air. While this self- organisation, the coating creates an ultra- thin glass- like layer.
  • Phase 3

Hardened state.
The process of nano sealing is completed.

The nanotechnology occupies itself with microscopic small structures. Experts are talking about the key- technology of the 21st Century, which will change our life substantially.

Nano particles are can be programmed in many different ways, thus creates new, multifunctional properties. nanoproofed® belongs to the first companies which commercialize product innovations based on chemical nanotechnology.

Water and Dirt can easily pearl off because of the nano sealing

  • transparent
  • Long- living sealing
  • Easy to apply
  • Odourless
  • Short drying time
  • No  additional energy or UV- light for the efficiency of the nano- sealing needed
  • Higher efficiency of the nano- sealing because of thrifty consumption
  • Free from solvents
  • No mats or shrooms
  • Resistant against high- pressure- cleaners
  • Easy cleaning of the treat surface
  • Enormously abraison resistance



Press & References

In this section you will find information about Press & References.

Here you can look back on a long life story of nanoproofed® and find information on exhibitions, events, networks, research collaborations and many other information from our company's long history since 2001 onwards.

The nanoproofed®- product range

The nanoproofed®- product range includes not only the standard products listed here, but still a large number of other special products in addition.

For this reason we ask you to contact us directly, you can not find right here in this list a product solution.

Should you require a special solution, you can rewrite your solution we wish to optimize surface detail in the attached request form (Anforderungsbogen.pdf). Following you will get a solution proposal or an offer to develop a special coating material, to the extent possible, cost-effective and feasible.

Here once an extract from our standard product range:

Antifog plastic and glass

nanoproofed® protection antifog plastic & glass creates a hydrophilic layer on Kunststoffund
Glass surfaces, which prevents fogging of the material.

>>read more in our Shop


Antifog Glass Cleaner

nanoproofed® protection Antifog Glass Cleaner is a cleaner which by its hydrophilic character
new staining the cleaned glass surfaces greatly delayed. In addition, a significantly improved
Cleaning effect achieved by the contained nanoparticles. nanoproofed® protection antifog
Glass Cleaner is ideal for cleaning upholstery surfaces in vehicle interiors and for
Removing stubborn dirt on painted surfaces.

>>read more in our Shop

nanoproofed® protection hydrophobicizers for mineral surfaces

Moisture is the main cause of almost all mechanisms that damage mineral building materials. The porous structure of materials that allows water to penetrate therein and dissolved pollutants. Damage can therefore be drastically reduced if you prevent the penetration of water into a building. Therefore, here information about our roofing and / or facades coating with the original "nanoproofed® protection stone-wood" technology.

Advantages of the product:

•    Massively reduced pollution

•    Surfaces stay cleaner longer and are easier to carry out any cleaning.

•    Mosses and algae is extracted from the nutritional basis (surface water)

•    Forming a water vapor open, colorless, water- and oil-repellent layer

•    The coating wears no sticky silicone resin film and is almost free of volatile organic compounds.

•    Reduced water absorption of the treated surfaces, thus less moisture in the building and thus less heat transfer through the outer surfaces with simultaneous water vapor diffusion permeability (moisture can escape from the building continued)

•    Durable transparent coating, no discoloration after a few years as in silicone paints

•    10 year warranty on the effectiveness of the coating on facades

•    Protection against mold on walls

•    Additional option: self-cleaning effect, thus cleaning the air ambient air (1000m² coated surface cleans the air as well as 70 large deciduous trees

•    By constantly trained, on-site technicians staff the work will be carried out

•    Before cleaning and coating of surfaces

•    Creation of a coating report on the activities carried out

Proved by nanoproofed® - The proof of function and quality - our test methods

Measurable results provide evidence - Nanotechnology requires other methods than the conventional measurement of layer thicknesses in paint. Due to the extremely small sizes and proportions of the nanoparticles, use is made of the presentation and examination of effects to prove the effect.

The reference is always the unaltered surface or a non-chemically modified nano raw material. The next step is to be determined effect is described precisely. Nano Chemical finishes can simultaneously produce different effects that test method, however, is selective for the detection of an effect.

>> Examples of such an assessment:

  1. Tests for biological activity (eg anti-bacterial)
  2. tests for mechanical resistance (eg scratch resistance)
  3. Tests for chemical resistance (eg, acid resistance)
  4. Tests for resistance to radiation and heat (UV, IR)
  5. Tests on electrical properties (conductivity, electrostatics)

Other special documents are ensured by non-destructive measurement methods are, for example SEM (scanning electron microscopy), or XPS (X-ray fluorescence).

All these tests are carried out according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO standardization or in support of this. The results are documented and audited.

Proofed by nanoproofed® - tests by experts for experts ... the proof of quality!

nanoproofed® nano technical innovations - Proven Products nanochemistry of Schleswig-Holstein for the whole world.



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